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  1. The Project Gutenberg eBook of Lady John Russell, by Desmond MacCarthy and Agatha Russell
  2. 16-Apr-1838 › Page 3
  3. Lord Palmerston

Here's a brief history. Despite his Irish heritage, he never visited Ireland where his family held a huge estate in the north of County Sligo. In this term of office he oversaw the end of the Crimean War but resigned after embarrassing legislative failures.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Lady John Russell, by Desmond MacCarthy and Agatha Russell

In his term between , Palmerston brought the Offences Against The Person Act, an important reform, and the Companies Act, the basis of modern company law. Foreign Policy was his main interest, and he is credited with being the first liberal interventionist. During his time as Foreign Secretary, Palmerston often clashed with Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, especially relating to issues surrounding European revolutionaries.

The pair had clashing personalities, as German Albert was prim and proper, while Palmerston was off-handed and had little respect for the monarchy.

16-Apr-1838 › Page 3

Seymour Fitzgerald. John Russell enters into a lengthened explanation of the policy of the. Disraeli—Speeches of Mr.

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Bowyer, Lord Palmerston, Mr. Whiteside, Mr.

Palmerston SE E1 surrounded by "foreigners"

Drummond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Maguire, and Lord. Claude Hamilton—Further debates in both Houses on the same subject.

Crown respecting the proposed Conference of European Powers—Mr. Kinglake moves the Previous Question—Speeches of the Chancellor of. Milnes, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Sidney Herbert, Mr.

Lord Palmerston

Whiteside, Lord John. Russell, Mr. Disraeli, and Lord Palmerston—Lord Elcho replies, and. Growth of Austrian influence in Italy—Treaties with Tuscany and. Counter Statement of the Austrian Government—Attempts of the.


Government to maintain Peace—Attitude of Prussia. French army into Piedmont—Vindication by the French Government of. Austrian and Sardinian armies—Military movements—Battle of Monte-.

Emperor returns to Paris—Addresses to him, and his answers—Circular. Bruce appointed Minister Plenipotentiary in China—His. The English and French Ambassadors proceed to the Peiho river—. Attempt to enter the river—The forts open fire—Disastrous failure on.