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Get email updates from Melissa :. For 15 year-old Blake Hewson, life is pretty good. He has parents who understand him, and a brother who generally acts like a typical big brother, but who is there for him when he really needs it. He loves making people laugh, and photography. While Madigan employs the tried and true love triangle theme, Flash Burnout is not your typical teenage tale. As with every love triangle, eventually a choice must be made, but the resolution to the triangle here is still unexpected. So many young adult novels are geared toward the teenage girl; this is a great find to place in the hands of teenage boys.

SOLs Addressed: Reading 9. Students will analyze the main character, Blake. Students should explore how conflicting desires and loyalties affect the choices he makes. Students will provide concrete examples from the text to show evidence of him being both the hero and the villain. Malloy, the photo teacher, christens Marissa and Blake the Pretty-Gritty team. Students will review the life experiences of Blake and Marissa and explore the irony of how those experiences shapes each character's subjects and selections in photography class.

Part 1: Students will research the effects of various drugs tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines on overall health and lifestyles.

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Students will present their findings by using technology to utilize various presentation tools. Part 2: Based upon what was learned in the research from part 1, students will use the text to help enumerate Marissa's risk factors, analyze her actions and predict if she will follow her mother into addiction. Students will also state actions Marissa could take to prevent becoming an addict.

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To help him move past his breakup with Shannon, Cappie creates two playlists for Blake. Students will create their own Broken Heart playlist; it can be either mad-sad or sad-sad. The playlist must have at least 10 songs.

Flash Burnout: A Novel | Smore Newsletters for Education

Students will give reasons why the song was selected to support the theme. Flash Burnout Discussion Guide. This book is geared toward teenage boys as they try to learn how develop relationships with girls. The main character, Matt, volunteers to swim the m butterfly race in the swimming championships in an effort to impress a girl, although he isn't really a great swimmer.

In the five weeks until the race, Matt and his friends also hope to see a naked girl, and they come up with multiple plots and plans to reach this goal. Sixteen year-old Lena loves the water and wants to learn to surf. Her father, a former surfer, doesn't want to teach her due to a near-drowning incident from his past. After catching a glimpse of a mermaid in the waters one day, Lena vows to see her again, despite the danger. This is the tale of another breakup, but this time the girl does the breaking up. We relive the story of the relationship between Min and her ex-boyfriend Ed by looking through the box of objects Min leaves on Ed's doorstep.

We learn the significance of each object as steps in the relationship as it falters. The story of Sarah, whose boyfriend has just broken up with her for being a "watcher" instead of a "doer".

She decides to reinvent herself by emulating her older sister Scarlett. She soon meets a great new guy, Andrew, who likes her when she lets her own personality through.

Sarah falls in love with Andrew, but has lied to him about herself from the beginning. Read to see how she recovers after her breakup and to see if her new relationship with Andrew can last. Flash burnout. Consequence of Sound. How to become a radio dj [Video file]. Nar-Anon family groups. Spinal Tap fan site and This is Spinal Tap. Tamura, M. The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. Log in Sign up for free.

They're easy to make and impossible to mess up : Try it now. Pin it. Follow Contact. Get email updates from Melissa : Follow Melissa Williams. Contact Melissa Williams. Awards William C. Explore this theme throughout the text. And that's true; it's Shannon he is in love with, it's Shannon he cannot get enough with, loves her shoulders, the feel of her skin, the way she smiles just for him.

Marissa is his buddy in photography class, a friend. Want to know the difference between feeling friendship for a person and something more? It's in the details of Blake's interactions with and thoughts about both Shannon and Marissa. This is NOT one of those stories where the best-friend-who-is-a-girl becomes something more, or the girlfriend turns out to be a shallow undeserving bitca.

It's about three nice, likable, teenagers: Blake, a photographer who is always cracking jokes; Shannon, who plays soccer and plays the piano and is strong and sort of confident but also not quite sure how to handle her first real relationship; Marissa, a photographer, living with her grandmother and haunted by her past. Blake gets involved with Marissa's heartache inadvertently.

Flash Burnout

He takes a photo of a homeless woman who turns out to be Marissa's meth addicted mother. Her mother, Anne, isn't evil or bad; she is an addict whose addiction and sadness overwhelms her and her family. If someone is drowning, when do you try to save them? When do you concentrate on saving yourself? Blake promises not to tell anyone about Marissa's family, and this secret becomes a problem with Shannon.

He cannot share with Shannon why he is there for Marissa, spending time with Marissa. Flash Burnout manages to be both hilarious and touching, as Blake figures out his relationships with others and also how his actions have consequences. Blake's parents are terrific; his mother is a hospital chaplain, his father a medical examiner. They are supportive but not pushovers. In addition to interesting career choices, both jobs add to the plot line.

When Blake goes looking for Marissa's mother, his mother turns out to know about the homeless in town and where they may be because of her job. Likewise, his father's job also factors into the search for the missing woman. I'm adding this to my favorite books read in ; and it's easy to see why this made the Morris Award shortlist.

Yes, of course it's because of the plot, and the deft handling of serious issues and everyday issues, and supporting characters who are well rounded; but it's also in my opinion, I have no connection to the Committee!


Blake is so real, from his humor, his point of view, his attraction to Shannon, that at times I thought Blake was real and the author had just invited him to his house, given him some cheese and caramel popcorn, and transcribed Blake's words. Amazon Affiliate. If you click from here to Amazon and buy something, I receive a percentage of the purchase price.